NodaFi is the easiest way to maintain building spaces.  

NodaFi was a project that our team completed for our CS 506-Software Engineering course.  Our teammate Jacob Pandl originally came up with the idea after noticing that there was no simple way to notify building maintenance when a problem needed to be addressed. Something as simple as refilling the paper in a bathroom was taking hours longer than it should have. 

It turned out that this was a two-sided problem as building maintenance also wanted a better way to track what types of problems were recurring on a consistent basis, and how they were being handled.  We opted to build a two-sided solution.  


Admin side

On the admin side we built a web-based dashboard that gave an overview of the maintenance requests that were being submitted for each room.  Maintenance teams could view requests that were being entered by users and act upon them by marking them as seen, completed or ignored.  The Dashboard then displayed a history of all the data that was accrued over time.

Client side

On the client side we built a very simple web-based app in React, that was available for both desktop and mobile.  Users simply enter in room codes (from posters taped up in rooms) on the home page and then can submit requests to maintenance teams with a the click of a few buttons.

Beta launch

We launched the NodaFi Beta at Helen C. White (aka college) library.  Our posters were available in four of the bathrooms and number of the study rooms.  Within hours of launching, we already had people using the platform.