Internship 1

My first internship with Dell was during the summer of 2015 under the title of 'Intern Undergraduate Senior Analysis'.  While the title was somewhat ambiguous, my role consisted of two parts: Software developer and Product owner.  I was very fortunate to work under an extremely talented and hard-working manager in Joel Hayes.  Joel was the product owner for an internal tool called Global Order Visibility or GOV.  I spent about 1/3 of my time working alongside Joel to help lead the transition from GOV being supported on SharePoint site to a stand-alone .NET application.  

My involvement with GOV lead to some unique software development opportunities, which included designing the interface for the GOV .NET application and building out a prototype for a GOV mobile application.  Aside from honing my coding skills, I was able to learn more about agile software development, leading teams in an enterprise setting and designing interfaces with the end-user in mind.